Thai Massage



Thai massage combines pressures, stretching and gentle rocking of the different body parts to relax the muscles, soften the articulations and improve the circulation of energy. You remain dressed during the massage so bring comfortable clothes and socks.


Body massage – 1h (35€) / 1h15 (40€) / 1h30 (45€).
This massage integrates all the body parts to bring fluidity, harmonization and release. You receive it laying down on the ground. The 1h30 massage allows a deeper work on the body parts that need more attention.

Head massage – 1h (35€).
This massage focuses specifically on the head, neck and shoulders and is very efficient to release the tensions in the upper body. You receive it sitting comfortably on a chair.

Pregnant woman massage – 1h (35€).
The postures and movements of this massage are adapted to the need and state of the pregnant woman. It helps to improve the blood circulation in the legs, to release the tensions in the back and to open the pelvis area.



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